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Each of these 'Uncooking' books is full of tantalizing easy to make recipes showing that you don't have to sacrifice taste to reap the benefits of raw foods - colour pictures, raw tips and kitchen equipment info all included! Purchasing securely through this blog using PayPal is easy - simply click the Buy Now button next to the e-book to complete your purchase. Your e-book is delivered in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format that I personally email to you!

My Daily Eats e-book
I am pleased to finally share with you this collection of 25 hearty recipes. In this e-book My Daily Eats you will find delicious raw living food versions of breakfast foods, cheez, milks, crackers, bread, lunches, burgers, stir frys, salads, soups, pies, cheesecake and more. All the recipes are Animal-free (no dairy, eggs, meat), Sugar-free, and Gluten-free.

The pictures I have been posting (most days) on the My Daily Eats page are my way of recording what a raw vegan eats - and these are the recipes to match those pictures! Originally I simply wanted to show what food I was actually eating, but as this page grew in popularity, I was inspired to create this e-book!

In my first e-book Saucy Raw Pasta, I showed you how to make delicious raw living pasta from root vegetables covered in tempting sauces! Now in this new e-book My Daily Eats, I am answering two questions "What do you eat?" and "Where can we find the recipes?"

Whether you are already making raw foods, or just beginning and need help getting started, this e-book is for you! These raw food recipes are intended to get you inspired, start those creative juices flowing, and empower you to do it for yourself!

Key Lime Pie

Sweet n' Sour Platter
RECIPE INDEX - My Daily Eats e-book
The Basics                                                  EZ Entrées
   Green Smoothies                                                       Marinated Veggies
   Sesame Nut Milk                                                        Indian Stir Fry
   Buckwheaties Cereal                                                 Raw Double Stack Burger
   Nutty Parmesan                                                         Spicy Asian Rice
   Sunshine Crackers                                                     Sweet n' Sour Platter

Salads & Sides                                            Divine Desserts   
  Cheezy Sauce                                                              Black & Blue Crumble
   Nacho Cheese                                                             Choco-late Pie
   Sea Salad                                                                     Calimyrna Fig Pudding
   Sprouted Quinoa Salad                                            Key Lime Pie                                       
   Veggie Rice                                                                 Strawberry Chocolate Cheesecake
Living Lunches                                                  
  Broccoli Sandwich
   Chili Pumpkin Soup
   Curried Butternut Soup
   Sun-Dried Tomato Bread                                   

Saucy Raw Pasta e-book 

This collection of my 10 most requested healthy living pasta recipes, will show you how EZ it is to enjoy fresh raw and alive pasta dishes made from root veggies, kelp noodles, and coconut noodles covered in tempting sauces. Now you can satisfy your desire for traditional pasta dishes...raw style!

Animal-free (no dairy, eggs, meat), Sugar-free, and Gluten-free - Dairy, gluten, white sugar, unhealthy trans fats and processed foods may contribute to premature aging, inflammation, irritable bowel, mucous buildup and other health related problems. If your focus is on enhancing your health, this e-book will show you how to make delicious raw food that is healthy, energizing, simple, and nourishing - that tastes great!

Saucy Raw Pasta is also available in a hard copy black and white version. Pick up your copy at The Pantry Natural Foods in Mission. You can also purchase a copy at any of my Raw Food Demos.

Mawrawnara Pasta

Raw Mac & Cheese

RECIPE INDEX - Saucy Raw Pasta e-book
   Asian Kelp Noodles                                       Pesto Pasta & More
   Chunky Italian Spaghetti                              Raw Mac & Cheese
   Korean Kelp Bowl                                           Sassy Basil Pasta Bowl
   Marawnara Pasta                                            Simply Sesame
   Pasta Primavera                                             Tangy Dill Pasta


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