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Powerhouse Living Foods Co. - December 10, 2012

As a raw food chef, I really enjoy sampling raw food restaurants when travelling, and so far this one tops the list.

If you're looking for healthy food, great flavours and lively atmosphere, here's one raw food restaurant you do not want to miss! 

Pad Thai Salad
Specialty and Location

The RAW food creations at Power House Living Foods co. are vegan and gluten free, with no additives or preservatives. Their modern raw food kitchen uses techniques like sprouting, blending, and dehydration (at a temperature no higher than 118 degrees) to maximize the nutritional content of their raw food menu items.

There are two locations in Nanaimo, British Columbia. The North location is at 6560 Metral Drive 250-933-3733, and the South location is at 200 Commercial Street 250-591-7873. View their menu online at 


Raspberry Cheesecake
As I walked into the Power House on Metral Drive, it felt right. The décor spoke to me with its vibrant, alive, and yet somehow earthy tones . . . an outward expression of the life in the food.

Our server Emma was an unexpected delight elevating customer satisfaction to a new level. The restaurant seats maybe 10, and seems to be a popular place for raw foodies and food lovers alike.

Let's Talk Food
The menu boasts an impressive selection of raw dishes ranging from pizza, wraps, soup, crackers, salads and burgers to juices, mylks, shakes, smoothies, power shots, power snacks and even raw desserts.

We opted for the pizza. My Italian pizza had two large slices (so much that I took some home) with macadamia and pine nut ricotta, sun dried and fresh tomato marinara, topped with fresh baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, cashew ranch dressing and macadamia nut parmesan on a thick and hearty crust . . . an exquisite taste explosion.

And how about dessert?
With so many choices (at least six tempting pies and cheesecakes) it took some time to decide. But our selection, the pumpkin cheesecake, was a divine creation, creamy, sensuous and oh sooo good!

I was extremely impressed with Power House Living Foods Co. and loved not only the food, but the atmosphere as well. Can't wait to order the pad Thai salad on my next visit, and really looking forward to trying their hazelnut cream pie! Kudos to the owner Toni Jeffries for her creation.

So when travelling to different places, plan to explore the local Raw Food Cafes. You never know what raw sensations are waiting around the corner.


Max Gerson DVDs - August 8, 2012

The Beautiful Truth (on DVD from the Library) follows the assignment of Garrett, a 15-year old boy, to study a controversial book written over 50 years ago by Dr. Max Gerson. (I was mesmerized by this DVD about Max Gerson and his amazing discoveries.)

Doctor Gerson found that diet could, and did, cure cancer. Garrett took on the challenge of researching this amazing therapy to see if these claims were true. With the help of Dr. Gerson's daughter and grandson, he interviewed specialists, and a number of cancer patients diagnosed as terminal. They shared their stories and medical records with Garrett - and contrary to opposition, a cure for cancer and chronic diseases does exist - and has existed for over 80 years. 

This DVD shares little known facts about the dangers of MSG, GMO's, mercury in dental amalgams, as well as natural cures - and in my opinion, this is a must watch DVD! 

The Gerson Miracle (on DVD from the Library) is about Dr. Max Gerson's vision for natural healing. The cover states "More than 75 years ago he developed a therapy that has proven to cure cancer and most other chronic and degenerative diseases". To say his work was astounding is an understatement. That it was based on eating living food shows me I am on the right path, and so my research continues!

Here is their website -

Café Bliss - May 9, 2012
When visiting Victoria British Columbia, you might want to check out a raw food café on Pandora Avenue called Café Bliss. Your taste buds will thank you!

Even though it is a small café maybe seating 10-12, it seems to be a popular place for the raw foodies in town. You can view their menu online at  

Time for Lunch
I tried their Miso soup served with a multi seed cracker. The soup was good, but the cracker was definitely the star of the meal.

Next up Desserts!
I really enjoyed their Bliss Bar - it lived up to its name. Although the Medicinal Fudge was good with a very dark chocolate taste, it is not something I would try again. But the highlight for me was a Nori sheet wrapped around a hot n' spicy carrot pate that had been dehydrated - my absolute favourite!

Next time in Victoria, I'll be sure to visit Café Bliss again - and try out more of their goodie
Tribest Personal Blender - April 28, 2012
Latest addition to my kitchen - a Tribest Personal Blender!  I have been waiting for one of these for quite some time, and since I will be travelling soon the timing is perfect.
While my Vitamix is amazing, taking it with me when travelling is not something I look forward to. But since I do need a blender to continue making my green smoothies, dressing, soups, and other raw food delights while away, this seems to fit the bill for me.
So far I have made salad dressings, creamy zucchini soup, and today I made an Orange Miso dressing in the Tribest. I simply added a peeled and seeded orange, 2 Tbsp Miso, 1/4 cup olive oil, 1 Tbsp lemon juice and blended.
Pros:   easiest way to blend creamy salad dressings
Cons:  wish it had a more powerful motor for green smoothies (only 200 watts)
Stomach Acid & Cure for Diabetes - February 11, 2012

Here are a couple of books that will make wonderful additions to your Health Library.
Book #1
"Why Stomach Acid is Good For You, Natural Relief from Heartburn, Indigestion, Reflux and GERD" by Jonathan V. Wright and Lane Lenard is a book well worth reading.
The theory in this book is that most people have too little stomach acid and that antacids not only do not help - they make the problem much worse.
Book #2
"There is a Cure for Diabetes" by Gabriel Cousens with David Rainoshek reveals options for those with diabetes.
This book by Cousens lays out a three-week plan for reversing the negative genetic expression of diabetes to a physiology of health and well-being.
Copies of both books are available at  and


DVDs Worth Watching - February 23, 2010

DVDs are a great way to keep informed about the benefits of eating Organic Raw Living foods, dangers of GMOs (genetically modified foods), and learn what you don't know about how commercially sold foods are grown. These DVDs are available from the library, with the exception of the last three.
  • Gardens of Destiny - Salt Spring Island seed sanctuary about the benefits of organic food
  • The World According to Monsanto - huge corporation that is controlling the world's seeds
  • Healing Cancer, from inside out, Mike Anderson - cancer industry vs. natural nutrition
  • The Great Warming - what today's rising temperatures mean for our own future
  • One man, one cow, one planet - the farming revolution in India, and one man out to save the world
  • Earthlings - film about the suffering of animals for food, fashion, pets, entertainment and medical research
  • Eating - Rave diet (available at Silver Hills Bakery)
  • Reversing the Irreversible - testimonials of the health benefits of people eating raw (available at )
  • Greens can save your life - Victoria Boutenko describes the benefits and reasons behind eating raw and drinking green smoothies (available at )



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