Saturday, October 8, 2011

Creativity in Action

How many times have you started making something only to find it is not to your liking - then what do you do? Well this just happened to me! Life presents these moments that you can either take as a defeat, or grasp as an opportunity to create something new - the choice is always yours!  

Today I wanted to make some new little dessert balls, but they tasted similar to all the other dessert balls out there. So at this point I could throw out this failed attempt or have some fun and let my imagination run free. Opting for fun seemed like the thing to do, so to what was already in the food processor I began adding ingredients, varying the texture, and taste testing until I came up with this new surprise - that by the way is nut-free. Since I wasn't sure how long the batter would take to dehydrate, I decided to use this lovely little heart mould and split the batter into two portions.

What could have been a 2-layer heart-shaped cake OR a carob zucchini loaf turned out to be a 2-layer Carob Zucchini Cake with a Strawberry Cream filling and Carob frosting (either way I would have been happy)!

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