Monday, March 5, 2012

Shanna's Uncooking

An easy way to gradually introduce your family to living food is to add just one raw dish per meal. Serve the dish alongside the rest of the food and let your family taste and decide for themselves.

Kelp Noodle Bowl

My daughter Shanna has been doing just that - slowly including more raw dishes into what she serves her family for dinner. And even though her boys will eat just about anything - they definitely know what they like! 

Drumroll please - Shanna is Uncooking! Today my daughter made the Kelp Noodle Bowl from my "Saucy Raw Pasta" e-book and her family had an amazing meal - part raw, part cooked! So for my proud Mom moment - I just had to take a picture of her creation to share with you!


Alice in Knitland said...

Yeah Shanna..Yeah Mom !

Maureen, EZ Raw Living said...

Thanks Alice - I second that sentiment!