Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Raw Food Cafe Review - Victoria BC

When visiting Victoria BC, you might want to check out a raw food cafe on Pandora Avenue called Cafe Bliss. Raw food cafes are fun to explore when travelling - you never know what new taste sensations are awaiting!

Even though it is a small cafe maybe seating 10-12, it seems to be a popular place for the raw foodies in town. You can view their menu online at

Since I was there at lunchtime I tried their Miso soup served with a multi seed cracker. The soup was good, but the cracker was the star of the meal.

Next up desserts! I really enjoyed their Bliss Bar - it lived up to its name. Although the Medicinal Fudge was good with a very dark chocolate taste, it is not something I would try again. But the highlight for me was a Nori sheet wrapped around a hot n' spicy carrot pate that had been dehydrated - I loved these!

Next time in Victoria, I'll be sure to visit Cafe Bliss again - and try out more of their goodies!

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