Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day 2 - February 2013 GSC

After waking up to a light layer of snow on the ground this morning, I definitely needed my tropical fix. We all have different ways to get there, but I simply closed my eyes and imagined while slowly sipping my Rainforest GS. Tastes and smells seemed to lead the way as I drifted into feeling the soft caress of warm breezes and sun upon my face, and finally into hearing the lush tropical jungle sounds - ahhhh!

The first thing to do is open a fresh young Thai coconut (they are the white coconuts that have been shaved to a point and are wrapped in clear plastic). I have discovered they are fresher and cheaper in Asian markets.

Remember when buying coconuts to always shake them! If you hear liquid sloshing around - put it down and select a different one. The sound of liquid sloshing means the coconut is older and fermentation is taking place inside - you only want the young ones packed full of the precious liquid!

After removing the lid with the heel of a large knife and pouring approximately 2 cups coconut water into the blender, the meat is removed from the coconut with a heavy spoon, put into a bag, and stored in the freezer for later use in recipes.

Rainforest GS

2 cups young Thai coconut water
1/2 cup orange juice, fresh squeezed
1/2 mango, peeled and seeded
1 banana, peeled
1/2 papaya, peeled and seeded
1 to 2 cups fresh spinach (depending on your tasts buds)
  • Placing the water and fruit in the blender first makes for easier blending
  • After blending the fruit, add the torn or chopped greens
  • Blend again and taste
  • If using a Vitamix you can add the whole orange (peeled and seeded)
I always enjoy fresh spinach once a week. It is loaded with vitamins, and is a source of Omega-3 fatty acids. With anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory antioxidants, spinach shows evidence of protection against the occurrence of prostate cancer. It also alkalizes the body, nourishes the eyes, and strengthens the bones!


Including kale once a week is a wonderful addition to your green smoothies! At the market today I picked up this fresh organic bunch of Dino kale and couldn't wait to add it to the blender. Red Russian and Lacinato (Dino) kale are my two favourite varieties.

Dino Kale GS

2 cups purified water
1 apple, chopped
1 banana, peeled
1 cup frozen pears
1/4 tsp dulse powder
1/2 bunch Lacinato kale
1/2 lemon, peeled and seeded
  • Blending all the fruit first makes for easier blending
  • When all the fruit is blended, add the remaining ingredients
  • Blend again until smooth and creamy
  • Taste test the GS and if needed, add more lemon (or lemon juice) to counter too green a flavour
  • Red Russian kale boasts beautiful red leaf stalks and tender twisting intricate leaves
  • Lacinato (aka Dino or Dinosaur) kale has tall narrow leaves and a wrinkled texture
  • One pound of kale has even more protein than the daily USDA's recommended daily serving



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