Thursday, March 21, 2013

Results of March 2013 GSC

Here is my experience following this 2-day GSC. Today I was in the zone and it was lots of fun! I find that each Green Smoothie Challenge brings me to a place of gratitude, clarity and knowing, where I clearly see that we are the creators of the lifestyle we experience - the choice is ours!

Breakfast:  Today it was like my body took over and was telling me it wanted blueberries and bananas - I could almost taste them. Then as I opened the fridge to get some greens, pictures of rainbow chard and sunflower sprouts were dancing in my head. This can happen if you pay attention to the messages from your body!

Lunch:  There was no thought or decision about what to make . . . only an absolute knowing.  My hands simply began putting together a hearty bowl of EZ Raw Cereal, and with the very first spoonful my choice was confirmed.

Dinner:  Today, from the moment I jumped out of bed, I knew that I would make soup. I like it when these ideas just jump into my mind, so happily following my intuition I made a pot of cooked Spicy Sweet Potato and Leek soup (remember I am now eating 90% raw 10% cooked).

One reason for this blog is empower others to explore other ways of being. I invite you to join me by sending in your stories to uplift and inspire - for the benefit of us all!

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