Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Raw Enchilada Sandwiches

It was so quick and easy to make my delicious lunch today! The trick is to prepare a few raw dishes once or twice a week that can be stored in the fridge. Then when you come home hungry, all you have to do is put the dishes together for a quick nutritious meal. Some of the things taught In my Dehydrator Essentials Class were how to make enchiladas in 4-inch or 6-inch sizes, marinated veggies and raw mayo.

Enchilada shells are so versatile - here is a different way for you to try!
  • #1 - Lay a mini enchilada shell flat
  • Place a couple of spoonfuls of marinated veggies down the centre of each shell
  • Drizzle some raw mayo over the veggies
  • #2 - Top this mixture with some home grown sprouts
  • Fold enchilada shell in half to fit in the palm of your hand
  • #3 - Enjoy this quick and easy meal - taco style! 

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