Sunday, August 18, 2013

Day 7 of 7-Day GSC

For the final day of this 7-Day GSC, I decided to make a detoxifying Green Smoothie.

The coconut water, pear, and Romaine lettuce are a nice balance to the more intense flavour of Cilantro.

GS #2 - Cilantro Coconut GS
2 cups young Thai coconut water
3 Kiwi fruit, peeled
1 pear, stem removed
1 bunch Cilantro, stems removed
1 cup Romaine lettuce
  • Add all ingredients  to blender and mix until smooth
  • Cilantro, well known for its anti-inflammatory and detoxification power, has long been used for digestive disorders.
  • Cilantro also the ability to bind with toxic heavy metals, which can accumulate in tissues, and remove them from the body. 
  • It can bring a metallic taste to your mouth when removing heavy metals from the body. I did experience this metallic taste once a long time ago.
Raw Tip:
  • Save that coconut meat! Using a heavy spoon, remove the white meat from inside the coconut and either use it right away or store in a bag in the freezer for future use.

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